My Philosophy

I design gardens based around three platforms:


I am not about putting in ‘cookie cutter’ gardens. I spend time getting to know the way my clients’ live. The time and interest they have for gardening. Their personal tastes, who is going to use the garden and so on. I want to create a space that works for everyone, that is what a successful garden it is all about.

The architecture and location of a house can be important when designing the garden. A view through the heads of the harbour shouldn’t be distracted by bright pink azaleas. However, if a client has a passion for Japanese gardens yet lives in a Federation home, then so be it! I can make it work, flexibility is key.

This is the easiest part for the plantswoman in me. If you want a cottage, fusion, native, white or whatever garden, I can realise it. As long as it relates to your lifestyle. I keep abreast of fashion and trends, and after  35 years have seen it all come full circle.

My garden designs are always bespoke, hand drawn and created with professionalism and passion. If this is what you are looking for, then talk to me.