At Long Last

Welcome to my first blog. It is time to get my knowledge and thoughts out to you. I will keep you on the garden trail with ideas, show you gardens I am working on, give you regular maintenance reminders, tell you about new plant releases and show you some of the quirky things that I see. I will also give you a bit of a blow by blow of how my own NEW garden is evolving.

I started this garden in Sydney in 2010 when we moved in. It has been a bit pitch hit, as I was still running my three acre garden ‘Painted Paddocks’ in Queensland. Although I started constructing giant boulder walls, got into chickens and built a small dam (for the native wildlife), it wasn’t really until 2013 when I let go of my beautiful Queensland retreat that I thought, okay, it is time for my Sydney garden.

The addition of gorgeous grandsons to our family has made me view my garden differently. I have built a ‘Secret Garden’ with individual raised beds for each of the boys to grow things in when they are a bit older, and am imagining water slides, a garden train and swinging ropes.The things that little boys try to hurt themselves on but love. I have up until now, only had girls in my life. I have two grown daughters and boys are a new world entirely. I have always loved designing for children, so doing it for my own family is pure joy.

The productive side of this new garden has already been fun with my eldest grandson who is nearly three. The newest project is a burgundy themed garden around my pizza oven. I have already planted some stunning Maples, Euphorbias and Alternantheras, but the rain, the weeds and the slope are challenging me. I look forward to showing you in future blogs how the new additions evolve. In the meantime, happy gardening.